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Rossendale Maths provides private Maths tuition in Rossendale for KS2 and above (including GCSE and A-Levels).

We offer one-to-one private tutor in Rossendale area . Covering a range of skills needed to improve and enhance different areas of mathematics modules, which include, statistical, numerical, logical and graphical analysis. These modules are currently being taught for pupils aged 8-18 years. 

Lessons are one hour long and take place at Newchurch Road, Rawtenstall. Fees are between £20 - £32 dependent on age and needs. 

Each lesson is individually tailored to suit your child’s needs and is designed to encourage and to develop a passion in the subject. Students’ will be evaluated based on their learning capabilities and needs, helping them through assignments, and suggesting new learning techniques and exam techniques are just a few areas in which I excel. Additionally I will provide positive mentor relationship and patiently answer any questions throughout the session. 

Having been taught mathematics in Hong Kong (place 2nd in International Mathematics Achievement) there are various techniques and concepts that are not been taught in the current national curriculum, these concepts will simplify complicated maths problems whilst coaching students to think critically at the same time.      

Before any sessions begins I offer a free initial consultation to determine your child’s needs and expectation from parents/guardians to access how best to support and improve their maths skills. 

I offer a range of mathematical skills including:

• GCSE (new) Preparation  

• A- levels

• Primary School SATs

• Grammar School Entrance Exam

• Exam techniques

• Statistics

• Geometry 

• Probability 

• Algebra



Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Mandy Tang, 

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics,

MSc Social Research and Statistics, 

and I live locally in the Rossendale Valley. 

Whilst studying for my Mathematics degree I began teaching students from the local primary school and secondary school during the weekends as a way of supporting myself financially. After I gained my degree I went on to study for Masters in Social Research & Statistics, at the same time continued with private tutoring in the evening. 

For my A-levels I achieved mark of 100% in some Maths modules. I have awarded scholarship towards both Undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics and Masters degree in Social Research and Statistics from University of Manchester, which I completed in 2013/14 alongside being a mother. 

As a tutor I am very positive and extremely encouraging. I always aim to build confidence and help others who needed that extra support. With each lesson the aim is to make mathematics less daunting and as their confidence increases they can thrive and learn new skills. 

For more details please feel free to contact me either using this site, e-mail or phone, or drop me a quick message via Facebook. 


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All lessons are one to one with free initial consultation

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